2011 Geocoin Poker Challenge Tournament Sponsored By The Geocoin Club, LLC

Thanks to lizardtoadz for taking and posting video of the 2007 GeocoinFest stop on Youtube!

Poker Challenge History

The Geocoin Poker Challenge got its roots in a fun roundtable game of Geocoin Poker played at the 2006 Midwest Geobash and the first semi-official Geocoin Poker Challenge stop at the GeocoinFest 2007 in Temecula, CA. Since then the tournament has evolved, now featuring 3-4 "Main Event" tournaments with larger prizes and several "Satellite Events" per year with smaller prizes. The basics of the game are simple: Players "buy in" with some Geocoins (no money is used) and play for a share of the main pot (120+ Geocoins).

In 2011, players who buy in will receive a trackable Poker Geocoin and a random Pathtag in their player kit. Player kits are a velvet bag holding your play chips, instructions, and your player-only swag. You will get your player kit when you are seated.

In 2011, when the final table is determined, The final 8 players will receive a limited edition trackable Poker Geocoin, and the top 3 players win their share of the 120+ coin main pot.

Seating is limited to 40 players per tournament stop and to adults ages 18 and older or minors 13 and older with written permission from a parent or guardian.

Scheduled Tour Stops and Dates

  • July 2, 2011 - Geowoodstock IX
    Warren, PA
    Tournament Director: The Moop Along (Pete)
    Start Time - TBD
    End Time - TBD
  • July 29, 2011 - Midwest Geobash 2011
    Wauseon, OH
    Tournament Director: The Moop Along (Pete)
    Start Time - TBD
    End Time - TBD
  • October 15, 2011 - GeocoinFest US 2011
    Rock Hill, SC
    Tournament Director: The Moop Along (Pete)
    Start Time - TBD
    End Time - TBD

Rules and Regulations

Note: Start/Stop times may vary from tour stop to tour stop. The tournament admin will provide final tournament times just prior to the event. Please watch your respective event forum for updates, you are responsible for arriving on time or may forfeit your reserved seat.


  • We will be playing No Limit Texas Hold'em.
  • The tournament will contain 40 players maximum.
  • Watch the event pages, websites, and forums for the event you wish to play at for details on registering to play. When more than 40 players register to play a lottery system is used to choose the 40 players who will be seated. All interested parties should put their name in the hat and the 40 seats will be assigned at random with the remaining interested players put on the waiting list in a random order.
  • You must be present when your name is called to accept an open seat.
  • A 3 geocoin buy-in is the requirement for play, subject to tournament director review and approval (see below)
  • Your buy-in reserves your seat in the tournament.
  • There are no rebuys or add-ons allowed during the tournament.
  • Players receive $5000 in chips once buy-in is paid.
  • The tournament begins promptly at the published start time. Rules review will be done 10 minutes prior.
  • Please check in with The Tournament Director for your stop with your geocoins for buy-in no later than 30 minutes prior to tournament start to hold your seat. (You can check in earlier, but please be aware the Tournament Director will not be looking for you.)
  • If you are not present by 30 minutes prior to start of the tournament, your seat will automatically be forfeited to a wait list player.
  • Seats for wait list players will open up 30 minutes prior to start until the tournament seats fill up.

Game Play:

  • Blinds start at $25 & $50, and increase over a three-hour period.
  • Act timely on your hands since the game blinds are designed to allow the game to end about 3 hours after play starts.
  • Time can be called by any player on another player, allowing 1 minute for a decision to be made.
  • If we reach the end of tournament time and the game is still in session, all remaining hands will be showdown. That means each player will be ALL-IN every hand, until only one player remains.
  • The final table blinds will start at $1K & $2K, even if that blind level has not been reached by the time the final table begins.
  • The top 3 finishers in the tournament will split the buy-in geocoin pot (120+ geocoins) at 50%, 30% and 20%. The division will be in alternating pick fashion beginning with the #1 finisher. The Tournament Director will preside over this process.

Poker Rules:

  • The tournament will run by WSOP OFFICIAL RULES, unless otherwise noted.
  • All cards must remain inside the table rail. Please do not pick them up off the table and/or hold them to view them.
  • The first person to the left of the dealer is the small blind and the person to that left is the big blind.
  • Raises must be the size of the big blind or the last bet/raise.
  • Minimum bet is the big blind.
  • No string betting. If you want to raise, say "Raise." If you announce, "I call" or "I call and raise," your bet will be call.
  • All chips must hit the pot in one motion unless the raise amount is stated.
  • You CANNOT purposely show your cards to any other person, player or otherwise, during a live hand. If you do, your hand will be folded.
  • If a single card is exposed during a deal, the deal continues past the player who would have received the exposed card, with the last card of the deal to that player, and the exposed card is the first burn card. If two cards are exposed, the hand is mucked and the SAME player re-deals the hand.
  • If you muck your hand, you CANNOT retrieve it. Action is binding.
  • The cut card remains on the bottom of the deck during the deal to keep the bottom card hidden from play. Please cut ONTO it.
  • Verbal action in turn is binding. Announce your bets clearly. If you state a bet amount, but place a different amount of chips in the pot, you will need to correct the amount to the stated amount.
  • Each table will deal for themselves, rotating the deal beginning in Seat #1.
  • The Tournament Directory will appoint a dealer for the final table. It may be the Tournament Director themselves.
  • All cards will be turned face up once a player(s) is all-in and no more betting can occur.
  • Odd chips in a split pot go to the left of the button first.
  • Cards play themselves. The highest hand available from the cards turned over at the end of a hand will be the winner, EVEN IF the player does not properly state their hand value. If you muck your hand believing it was a loser, you cannot retrieve it.
  • Once table action declares a hand winner and chips are raked, there is no reversing that decision.
  • Players will be moved from tables to a new table position randomly based off of the tournament software.
  • Tables will break down after each eighth player is eliminated. Tables will be evened to cover two seat differences.
  • In matters requiring a judge's ruling - the Tournament Director's ruling will be final.

Explaination of Buy-In:

In order to keep the pot valuable and be fair to all players, the geocoin requirements for buy-in are that no coins currently available for sale can be used. Also no micro coins may be used (except when Tournament Director makes an exception). The Tournament Director reviews all coins included in your buy in and will determine if your buy in coins qualify. The decision of the tournament director is final.