Geocoin Code Retrieval System

This page will allow you to retrieve activation codes for any coins you have received through Geocoin Club and many other source. We currently host 557,557 activation codes for hundreds of unique coins. This service was the first of its kind! It is offered as a free service to other groups with geocoins that have travel bug numbers. To have your numbers and activation codes loaded into our database, email

How it works.
Fill out this short form and your activation code will be displayed immediately and emailed to you. Once you have received it, visit the activation page on to activate your coin for tracking. Note: To protect the thousands of codes in our retrieval database, we limit the number of incorrect submissions you may have in a two hour period. If you exceed this number (12) you will need to wait 2 hours to regain access to the tool.

Please Note
This is a code retrieval tool only. You will still need an account and activate the coin on if you wish to track it. Visit the activation page after you have received your code to complete the activation process.

Are you having difficulty?
Here are some ideas that might help you finish your retrieval.

List Your Codes For Free The Geocoin Club offers this retrieval service as a free service to anyone with a trackable geocoin. Please contact to arrange for your codes to be listed. Please provide the codes at least 10 days in advance of the date needed so we may be sure to have them listed for you.

Not getting the emails?
Make sure we're not going into your spam folder - it happens sometimes. If that doesn't work, maybe there was a hiccup with our mail server - you can submit the code with the same email any time.


Get your activation code.


Activate your coin!
Fill out this form. Your activation code will be emailed to the address you specify.

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Activating a Geocoin for tracking on is done the same as activating a standard Travel Bug(TM). The following activation instructions are provided by Groundspeak, Inc. The original article can be viewed in the Groundspeak Knowledge Base at this URL:
Knowledge Base Article

To activate a Groundspeak Travel Bug:

  1. Visit the Groundspeak web site.
  2. In the box under the Bug icon, enter in the Travel Bug number that is imprinted on the bug you wish to activate. Click on the barcode beneath the box to visit that bug's web page.
  3. On the bug's page there is a link to activate your bug. Click on it (you will need to be logged in to in order to activate).
  4. Enter in the tracking number and activation code into the boxes provided. Click to assign the bug to you.
  5. At this point the Travel Bug is activated as yours. Use the edit link in the upper right hand corner of the page to give your Travel Bug a name and description, and to upload images.